Welcome To The War of the Occultists
          "And with righteous might, win through to absolute victory.

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The Witches
                                        Name: Ariel Trentini
                                        Age: 16
                                        Height: 55
                                        Weight: 110lbs.
                                        Eye Color: Dark Brown
                                        Hair Color: Black
                                        Race: Caucasian
                                        Number of Years Practicing Magick: 11 years
                                        Subculture Affiliation: None
Description: Ariel was raised in a Pagan family and has therefore been dubbed an outsider by everyone she has grown up with. In the upper middle class county of Westchester, NY Ariel has tried to behave and live like a typical teenage girl despite the overwhelming fact that she is anothing like her peers.
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