Welcome To The War of the Occultists
          "And with righteous might, win through to absolute victory.

About Us
We are scheduled to appear at Mike Carbo's New York Comic Book Marketplace Convention on Saturday, March 31, 2012. It will be from 10am 7pm at The Penn Plaza Pavilion at The Hotel Pennsylvania, 401 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10001 (Between 33rd and 34th street)

Upcoming Conventions
Past  appearances
Factionalists is currently being carried at...

Jim Hanley's Universe, located at 4 West 33rd St., New York, New York
(opposite The Empire State Building)

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Forbidden Planet, located at 840 Broadway, New York, New York
(near Union Square)

If your store would like to carry Factionalists, contact Konata Stallings at webmaster@factionalists.com

Konata Stallings (Creator, Writer, Primary Illustrator)
picked up a pencil around the age of 5 and two decades later his hand is starting to cramp. He is mostly self taught with some formal university level art training. His artistic influences include Graham Rounthwaite, Masami Obari and Amano Yoshitaka. The styles he most pulls from are those of fashion illustration and Japanese anime/manga and he works predominantly in the mediums of pencil line art, coptic markers, and watercolors.

He entered into the comic world as a member of Umbrella Studios in 2000 when he drew a Neon Genesis Evangelion fan comic. Shortly following leaving Umbrella Studios in 2003 he began developing Factionalists. His art has been featured in Animerica magazine and hung at the Kenneth Chapman Gallery in Westchester, NY.

Contact at webmaster@factionalists.com

Mike Borromeo (Primary Colorist, Illustrator)
Mike Borromeo has a degree in Fine Arts Advertising from La Consolacion College and is currently working as a freelance illustrator and colorist. When he's not at work he is most likely having coffee and eating pasta outside or taking care of his dogs. He hopes his projects will end up making him go to the Sistine Chapel so he can watch Michaelangelo's works for hours!

Contact at borromeomike@gmail.com

Mark Devera (Colorist, Illustrator)
is a Graphic artist / illustrator/ manga artist based in the Philippines and is currently enjoying his job as a freelancer in various fields such as comics, games, and graphic design. In his free time he usually loves playing video games with a cup of coffee or tea in hand or strolling the malls.

Contact at deveraster@gmail.com

09.27.09 - Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Factionalists table at the 2009 New York Anime Festival! Thanks for all the positive feedback and interest.

Here's some pics of from the convention.

10.18.09 - Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Factionalists table at the 2009 Big Apple Comic Book Convention! Thanks for all the interest. We had loads of fun doing some commissioned artwork and submitted some charity artwork to Haven House, the first domestic violence emergency shelter of its kind in the country, a non profit organization dedicated to helping abused women and their children on their way toward a life free of violence.

Here are some pics of some of our fans and patrons from this convention.

09.09.09 - Site is up and fully functioning. Preparations for NYAF are almost complete.                                                                                                               

09.17.09 - Factionalists comics and posters are now available at Indy Planet and Comics Monkey. Also, Factionalists is being carried at Jim Hanley's Universe comic store in New York, NY.

09.21.09 - Factionalists comics are being carried at Forbidden Planet comic store in New York, NY.

09.28.09 - Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Factionalists table at the New York Anime Festival!!! Thanks for all the positive feedback and interest. The t-shirts, that were REALLY popular, are being prepared to be uploaded to the site for purchase along with a new poster. Make sure to check the merchandise page for more info.

1.6.10 - Happy New Years! Factionalists now has new colorists! Welcome Mike Borromeo and Mark Devera to Tabris Enterprises, They will be re-coloring all previous issues and coloring the new issues from this point forward. Welcome aboard, boys!

2.12.11 - Sorry about no new updates in a while. Mostly working with Mike and Mark to recolor the old issues. Also, Factionalists is currently sold out at Jim Hanley's and Forbidden Planet. I will be restocking them with new issues in the summer after everything is cleared with the printer. Thanks for your patience and continued support! :)

06.01.11 - The website is being completely overhauled. Some bookmarks might not currently be working. Everything should be fully functioning by the beginning of next month.

3.2.12  - The site has finally been completely overhauled. The issues are at the printer and preparations are underway for Mike Carbo's New York Comic Book Marketplace Convention on the 31st. See you guys there! Still working on checking a couple of links on the site and getting everything going smoothly. Stay tuned...