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          "And with righteous might, win through to absolute victory.

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The Lycanthropes
                                      Name: Damian Maclaren
                                      Age: 17
                                      Height: 61
                                      Weight: 157 lbs.
                                      Eye Color: Hazel
                                      Hair Color: White
                                      Race: Canadian Black
                                      Lycan Form: Fox
                                      Subculture Affiliation: None
Description: This Canadian born gymnast comes from a privileged    political family resulting in him being able to afford to attend Ardarel Academy. Poise and refined, he lives in constant fear that his fox form   will be discovered. The only person aware of his transformative abilities is   his roommate and best friend Josh Spades. In fox form he is playful, even spryer than usual and insatiably sadistic.
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